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Senior Research Engineer - Formulation and Synthesis S&PM Group CRL - Job Opening ID: 555484

Reporting to a Principal Scientist in the S&PM group in MT-CRL, the candidate will perform R&D work in the field of polymeric materials to support the development of innovative products with designed properties as required by both High Performance Materials and Building Materials Divisions.

Specifically, the candidate will perform formulation, synthesis and characterization of a wide variety of polymeric materials to develop a strong understanding of the structure/process/property relationship for these polymers of interest to Saint-Gobain. Ideally, the candidate would have a strong knowledge in the chemistry and characterization for several families of polymers. The candidate will spend most of his time at designing experiments, performing laboratory work in the field of polymer chemistry/characterization, analyzing/present data, and closely work with the rest of the team to support the different Saint-Gobain’s Business needs in the field of polymer formulation, synthesis, and characterization.

  • Carries out role as primary project investigator for 2-3 projects. 
  • Recommend innovative project initiatives consistent with customer needs. 
  • Develop the competency of the structure/process/property relationship of key polymers for SaintGobain businesses. 
  • Communicate end results clearly to a large, diverse organization and stakeholders.  
  • Ensure that intellectual property is captured and protected through proper procedures. 
  • Participate in technical conferences, author appropriate articles/reports and be active in professional societies. 
  • Continually champion efforts to drive HSE environment consciousness in the organization.

More specifically, the candidate will 

  • Lead 2-3 projects simultaneously with team members having multi-disciplinary background.  
  • Deliver milestones on time within budget to meet customer objectives, and continuously document work via written reports. 
  • Utilizes broad technical background and experience to carry out experiments in the lab to support the development and/or improvement of products, and process performances. 
  • Stays aware of new technology applications and competitive uses of same in work with materials, products and processes, and in development of new knowledge and applies this to personal research/ products. 
  • Demonstrates open and collaborative approach in all areas of responsibility.   
  • Seeks out others to enhance and streamline development and decision making. 
  • Able to communicate technically with internal competencies, university collaborators and customers and utilize knowledge to advance projects and identify productive synergies.   
  • Is seen as a people leader by others. 
  • Establishes network across center and BU's to leverage R&D capabilities.


  • Must possess a body of technical work commensurate with their years of experience including but not limited to: demonstration of familiarity with statistical tools, data analysis, and drawing conclusions based on a collection of basic data and interpretation, IP, Patents, and technical documents.  
  • Demonstrated ability to give and receive constructive feedback.  
  • Demonstrate ability to network within and out of group.  
  • Respectful communication and ability to collaborate in a team environment required.  
  • Demonstrate ability to network within and out of group.  
  • Develop ability to maintain composure and organize teams in high pressure situation.  
  • Demonstrate understanding of company policies.  
  • Demonstrate understanding of corporate structure. 


  • BS Degree with a minimum of 7+ years’ experience, or MS with 3+ years of experience, or entry level PhD in Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or other related disciplines.  
  • Demonstrated technical judgments/accomplishments, project leadership, team collaboration, and oral and written communication skills. 




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